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1. Greeter - Saturday Afternoon/Friday 

  • Assemble tournament packages for players, spectators

  • Welcome people at the door, give out packages

2. Court Marshal (Friday afternoon, Sat, Sun)

  • Record match scores; update match schedule

  • Direct Players to courts 

3. Scorekeeper (First Matches Friday afternoon, Sat, Sun)

  • Keep score and referee matches

4. Fruitcutter (Sat Morning, Sun Morning)

  • Provide and layout fruit, muffins, coffee

5. Fundraiser 

  • Solicit tournament sponsors, collect cheques, prizes in kind

6. Cook (Saturday) 

  • Retrieve and cook dinner for Saturday

7. DJ (Saturday Night)

  • Manage sound/AV equipment; play music 

8. Data Entry

Enter sportyHQ player rankings into club locker

9. Marketer 

  • Create t-shirts, posters

  • Update social medias (Facebook) NSC Webpage

Hello All! We are currently searching for vounteers for our upcoming 2022 Squash Tournament! Please read the options below and click the RSVP button near the bottom of the page to send in your pick!

10. Ball Drop

  • Organize Drops and prizes

11. Silent Auctioneer 

  • Solicit Prizes

  • Manage auction sheets

12. Raffle Boxes

  • Organize the raffle

13. Ticket Sales 

  • Sell drinks

  • Fundraise tickets

14. Photographer

Take pictures/ videos for social media and NSC webpage updates

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