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Volunteer Jobs

1. Court Marshal
   When: Friday afternoon; all day Saturday; Sunday morning

  •    Post players' names on their match courts

  •    Advise players about their matches, i.e. when and which court

  •    Remind players the winner must keep score for the following match

  •    Supply scorekeepers with clipboards, score sheets, pencils 

  •    Receive score sheets and update Club Locker

  •    Update the large wall-mounted draw sheets

  •    Adjust the match schedule as necessary

2. Scorekeeper
   When: morning matches, or when required

  •    Keep score for a match; rule on lets, strokes, timeouts, foot faults, etc.

  •    Return score sheet to the court marshal

3. Greeter
   When: Friday afternoon

  •    Greet players as they arrive at NSC

  •    Give each one a t-shirt and orientation letter

  •    Answer questions; solve problems

4. Silent Auction Manger
   When: Before Friday, then all weekend; Sunday afternoon

  •    Make up information/bidding sheets for each silent auction item

  •    Monitor bidding; answer questions

  •    Announce winners Sunday afternoon

  •    Collect payments

5. Ticket Sales
   When: all weekend

  •    Get 50/50 tickets; sell them to participants

  •    Oversee the draw on Sunday afternoon; award pot/2 to winner

6. Manage Bumper Balls 
   When: Saturday evening, after matches

  •    Inflate bumper balls and put them into sq courts

  •    Manage/monitor bumper ball games

  •    Deflate balls and pack them up

7. Photographer
   When: all weekend, especially during finals and awards

  •    Take photos & video 

  •    Post with captions on the NSC Facebook and Insta accounts

8. Prize Manager
   When: week before the tournament; Sunday afternoon

  •    Shop for and/or solicit tournament prizes  

  •    Make sure we have a prize for each winner

  •    Organize prizes during awards

9. Food Service pizza
   When: Friday morning

  •    Order pizza. Pick up or get delivered to NSC Friday 7:00 PM

10. Food Service breakfast
   When: Saturday morning & afternoon; Sunday morning

  •    Put out the coffee carafe, milk, cream, muffins, fruit etc.

  •    Refresh as necessary while supply lasts

11. Food Service supper
   When: Saturday 6:00 - 8:00

  •    Receive food delivered by Delicados and put out 1st batch

  •    Keep the rest in a refrigerator or oven

  •    Put out more food as necessary

  •    Keep containers to return to Delicados

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